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Regal Assets is a reputable gold investment company offering a range of portfolios. The company focuses on precious metals, especially as bullion, bars, and coins. Silver and gold are the firm’s primary assets, however, it works with palladium and platinum too.

An outstanding fact about Regal Assets is that it trades globally, and not merely in Europe and North America. Indeed, one country where the company is especially popular in South Africa. Regal Assets helps its clients diversify their investments, with approaches such as Dynasty Portfolios and Merchant Packages.

Besides that, the company provides portfolio administration services, which enables traders to improve the profit potential of their accounts. New traders get a free precious metal investment kit.

Rankings and Press Coverage

Nowadays, Regal Assets is the single company in the precious metal field that is AAA ranked with the BCA (Business Consumer Alliance), and A+ rated with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). Additionally, they have over 233 5-star customer reviews and fewer than 3 complaints with TrustLink.

The firm has been showcased in established publications such as Forbes, Inc Magazine and Smart Money.

Moreover, Inc Magazine has ranked Regal Assets 20th in the USA for financial services, and the firm was featured in the Forbes magazine 2013 investment guide.



Shipping Guidelines

For the most part, with cash deals, Regal Assets clients receive their precious metals within seven days of funding their account. On the other hand, other investment firms can take more than one month to make deliveries.

If Regal Assets misses its one-week shipping deadline, it gives clients a free, one-ounce Silver American Eagle. Right after the goods have been shipped, the company notifies its customers and gives them a tracking reference. This allows customers to monitor their metals throughout the delivery process.

All the metals shipped by Regal Assets are fully insured and sent out discreetly. The company is accountable for the precious metals, all the way to the point where the trader receives and signs for them.

Storage and Fees

Regal Assets utilizes Brinks to safeguard its customers’ bullion, and all of the accounts are stored separately.

Regal Assets is the only business of its type that offers separate storage space for the flat yearly fee of $150. The majority of similar companies charge an annual rate of at least $225 for separate storage if they offer that service at all.

For all retirement accounts with Regal Assets, the annual cost for administration is a flat $100. By comparison, most other firms raise their administration fees as the value of their customers’ accounts rises.

Similarly, nearly all companies will increase their storage rates as their customers’ accounts grow in size. Typically, these types of companies only provide commingled storage alternatives for precious metal accounts.

Generally, this costs more than the separate storage alternatives provided by Regal Assets.

Processing Time

Regal Assets is among the few investment companies that process all of their transactions electronically. This means that clients do not need to sign any documents by hand.

Doing business in this manner eliminates many problems presented by other businesses, and it speeds up the transfer process. Since it does everything electronically, Regal Assets is able to start new IRA accounts within a twenty-four hour period.

Nearly all other companies take five to seven working days to open new IRA accounts. Generally, Regal Assets is able to transfer money from a custodian within a 48-hour period.

On average, other firms take more than one month to accomplish the same thing. Generally, after its customers acquire bullion and fund their accounts, Regal Assets ships the items to them within one week.

Regal Assets is the sole investment firm in the world that ships retirement accounts within one week of funding. Generally, other companies take more than a month to deliver their clients’ bullion.

Annual Charges for Retirement Accounts

For every retirement account, irrespective of its worth, Regal Assets charge an annual $250 flat fee. This cost consists of $150 for storing the metals separately and $100 for account administration fees. All the precious metals are fully insured while stored at Brinks.

During the first year, Regal Assets takes care of all the related fees for customers’ retirement accounts. That includes the fees for starting accounts, storage, administration and the shipment of metals.

This represents a saving of more than $500, which the majority of other investment companies require that their customers pay. None of the bullion accounts with Regal Assets are billed before the second year. Once the second year begins, a flat fee of $250 is applicable.

Currently, with Regal Assets, $10,000 is the minimum initial investment necessary for a bullion account, whereas, for cash transactions, the minimum investment is $5,000.

Regal Assets Review: Final Considerations

Undoubtedly, Regal Assets is a top investment firm. That is demonstrated by its great ratings and by the various positive testimonials from existing clients.

Whenever you telephone the firm, their friendly customer service team is considerate and competent. If you are a new investor, their employees are patient and always prepared to take time to guide you in the workings of the gold sector.

The company will do its utmost to ensure that you get the best possible return on the investment of the funds in your account. Once you establish a Regal Assets precious metal IRA account, you are assigned a personal investment specialist, who you can get in touch with at any given time.