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Genuine Review Of Regal Assets

Regal Assets” is a company that is well known in the gold investment business. It is centered on the ‘customer first’ philosophy. From the minute that you place your first call to Regal Assets, you are assigned your own accountant representative who will be with you in every step of the way.

The representative will attend to all of your questions and provide you with all of the information that you need in order to understand the world of investing in precious metals. Moreover, the representative will not pester and force you to succumb to any sales tactics.

Do Regal Assets Have High-Quality Service?

When you are a client of Regal Assets, you can be sure that your delivery will arrive within a period of seven days. To top it up, if the delivery is late, then they will give you a free 1 oz. Silver American Eagle.

This makes their customers feel even more secure about their investments. In addition, Regal Assets ends up portraying itself as a company that offers excellent and fast services and above all, are honest in their dealings.



Do Regal Assets Offer Affordable Fees?

One of the great things that Regal Assets offers its clients is the $150 flat rate per year. Most of the competitors offer $225 or even more. Regal Assets ensures that the precious metals that belong to one client are segregated from that belonging to another. It should be noted that most companies do not keep the precious metals of clients segregated.

Rather, they keep them all together and this can lead to massive confusion. Also, Regal Assets charges a flat administrative fee of $100 for all of their clients regardless of the type of client.

Most companies increase their administrative fees as the value of the investment of the client increases. Additionally, they will pay your startup fees, administration fees, storage fees, and even the fees allocated to the delivery of the metals. It is evident that during your first year with Regal Assets, you will be able to save roughly $500.

Do They Have Quick Turnaround?

By choosing to invest through Regal Assets you can be sure of the quick turnaround that you will be able to enjoy for all of your transactions. Their paperwork is done electronically and clients send in their signatures through faxes. Thus, one does not need to wait around for FedEx.

Moreover, you can not only be able to request and transfer funds within 48 hours but also you can be sure that you will be able to receive your gold within seven days. It comes as no surprise that Regal Assets has been one of the most popular Gold IRA companies when it comes to dealings with the client.

Is “Regal Assets” Reputable in The Gold Investment Space?

Regal Assets was given both a AAA and an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau(BBB). This kind of rating is only given to companies who have demonstrated that they are reliable and that their services are exceptional (No complaints were posted on the BBB website by their customers).

The Better Business Bureau provides citizens with a place where they can voice their complaints against companies that offer bad services in Gold IRA. Citizens can also use the forum to recommend great companies or even warn others of poor and shady companies. To read more on the reviews and rankings that were allocated to Regal Assets, check this link.

In 2013, Regal Assets was ranked by Inc. Magazines as the number 20 company out of the 500 that provide financial services. Inc. Magazines provide Americans with information about the 500 most financially secure companies amidst the thousands that operate daily in the United States.

This ranking clearly demonstrates that Regal Assets is a company that not only takes pride in the business that it conducts but also in the exceptional services that it offers its customers. Moreover, their ranking has given people more trust in their services. Thus, it is only logical for more people to invest in the services that Regal Assets provides. The online article that was published by Inc. Magazines can be found here.

Regal Assets has built a great reputation on the Website Trust Link. Trust Link is a website where citizens can also write their reviews on companies that deal with Gold IRA. Moreover, citizens can also voice their complaints and even warn others about companies that have been ripping people off in the gold industry. Regal Assets was awarded a 5-star rating based on the 403 positive reviews that it received.

This 5-star rating of Regal Assets has enabled it to achieve a ‘preferred membership status’ on the website. To read more about this review, click this link.

It is clear that when you choose Regal Assets, you can only be sure of the exceptional services that you will be receiving and also the great prices that will increase your profit margin greatly. Choose perfection today and sign up with Regal Assets.

Is Regal Assets The Best Gold IRA company?

Regal Assets is the best company that can help you in investing in your retirement. The company has had numerous experiences in dealing with precious metals. It has over 50 years of combined investing in this particular field.

Their extensive background in gold and precious stones investments make it the best company to work with. In addition, they will offer you all the insights that you need to know before and even during investment. By choosing to invest through Regal Assets, you are assured of a solid retirement plan.

What sets Regal Assets apart from its competitors?

Regal Assets has completely dominated the field of gold and precious metals investments. Why should we prefer Regal Assets but not a competitor of it? Regal Assets have had fewer than three complaints that have been filed in all of their years in the industry.

Regal Assets is ranked #20 in the USA by Inc. Magazine for financial services.

Regal Assets is known for the fast shipping services that it offers to its clients. Once a client places an order for the precious metal, the client receives the precious metal within a period of seven days. They are also known for the fee structure that is perfect for their clients so that their budget is not strained in any way.

All of the precious metals are stored using Brink. Moreover, all of the precious metals are stored in segregation thus, eliminating cases of mix up and confusion that might occur.

They also offer a flat fee of $250 irrespective of the value of the investments of their clients. That is not all. They offer to pay the customer’s startup fee during their first year of storage. This extension of excellent customer care will save the investor about $500. Remember that most companies will ask you to settle this cost before they avail their services to you.

Regal Assets is known for putting its customers first. They do not experiment with either the customers or even their employees. They only hire the best so that their customers can experience the best while they are in their care. With every transaction and dealing with customers, Regal Assets knows that its reputation is always on the line and that is why they strive to offer only the best to its customers.

Their focus is on providing excellent care to their customers and they also strive to become the best choice for both their customers and also prospective customers.

What Better Business Bureau Ranking Does Regal Assets Have?

Better Business Bureau (BBB) is known as “the business experts”. It was founded in 1912 and is known by people and businesses for the rankings that they provide. These rankings help the customers to know which are the best businesses to get involved in and which are the worst. At the moment, Regal Assets holds a AAA rating with the bureau. This means that you can trust Regal Assets to be your trusted companion when dealing with precious metals.

What Trust Link Ranking Does Regal Asset Have?

Regal Assets holds a high ranking with Trust Link. Trust Link is an online site where customers can register their complaints and reviews. Posting a review or complaint is not hard. All that you need is an internet connection and a phone, a tablet or a laptop. You can then proceed to log in and review or post reviews about companies.

Regal Assets is one of the most trusted companies and this can be seen by the numerous positive ratings that they have received from their customers.

Investing in gold or even precious metals can be tricky especially for a newcomer. However, Regal Assets understands the delicate nature of this investment. That is why they will guide you through all the steps that you need to take. What better way to make investments than through a company that has numerous experience, has been rated the best and is known for its excellent customer satisfaction?

Regal Assets is known for putting their customers first and attending to all of their needs. They also educate the new investors on what is expected of them, things to watch out for, and costs that are associated with certain transactions. If their delivery of your precious metal is late, they compensate you by giving you a FREE silver American Eagle.

Their lines of communication are open 24/7 from 7 am to 6 pm PST with the exception of weekends and major holidays. Whenever you place a call to them, you will be immediately connected to an account executive who will be able to attend to all of your questions and provide you with information that will serve as your guide when it comes to investing in precious metals.

Is “Regal Assets” A Trusted Gold Investment Company To Work With?

“Regal Assets” is a trustworthy company that has been in existence for over ten years now. Their excellent ratings by both Inc Magazine and BBB is proof that they are a company that is to be reckoned with. Moreover, they take their customers very seriously and avail to them only the best.

Regal Assets never compromises. Whether it is your first time investing in Gold or you want to perform a rollover from your IRA to your Gold IRA account, then Regal Assets is not only the best decision that you can make but also the wisest decision. It should be noted that they store al the precious stones safely. You can rest assured that your material is in very good hands.

Is Regal Assets Web Interface User-Friendly?

Regal Assets is known for its affordable prices, knowledge, secure ordering and its capability to adapt to the specific needs of investors. If you are considering making an investment in precious metals, you can choose Regal Assets knowing that you are making the best decision for your retirement.

The staff at Regal Assets understand the needs of each and every customer and they make a point to attend to all of the needs. Their website is simple to use and is thus, considered user-friendly. The frequency of updates keeps all of the customers informed on what is trending. In addition, the prices that are displayed on gold, silver, and platinum are the prices in real-time. This gives the customer a preview of the prices so that the customer can plan his or her investment accordingly.

Additionally, they also provide daily news articles and newsletters regarding investments on precious metals.

Can You Really Trust Regal Assets?

Regal Assets is known to be the only company with the expertise, experience, and the resources that will serve an investor in the best way possible. Regal Assets is able to trade in wholesale markets thus, giving them the chance to offer competitive prices and always deliver on time.

Regal Assets always ensures that it delivers the precious metal at the stipulated price of the investor. They are also known for being transparent in their operations and so they often invite an investor to compare their prices with other competitors so that the investor can see exactly who is working for them.

If you have further questions about your investment in Gold IRA, then you can ask to be connected to an expert in a particular type of precious metal. This ensures that you get the best advice before you invest.

Quality Of The Service Provided By Regal Assets

Regal Assets is ranked among the best in their exceptional service to their customers. They put the needs of the client ahead of any other and work hard to ensure that their customers are satisfied. Any precious metal that is in their domain is of exceptional quality. You can always be sure that they will give you precious metals that are of high quality and worth your money.

What Are The Hours of operation of Regal Assets?

You can contact Regal Assets Monday through Friday from 7 am to 6 pm PST (with the exception of weekends and major holidays). When you decide to make Regal Assets your preferred partner, you can rest assured that you are indeed on your way to a great retirement.

When it comes down to your financial future, you should keep in mind that not all of the vendors are equal and that most of them are there to con their way to your money. But when you are dealing with Regal Assets, you can always rest assured that you are dealing with the best of the best and that your investments are secure.

Is Regal Assets Well Known Company By The Gold Investment Market?

Regal Assets know the gold coins that are mostly traded and thus, you can obtain coins like the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf and the Krugerrand. In addition, all of the gold bars and coins are internationally accepted, and thus, you are guaranteed a solid investment.

What Free Materials Does Regal Assets Provide To Help Investors?

When you are a client of Regal assets, you will be receiving a FREE gold investment information kit that will provide you with the information needed to make your investment decisions.

Final Thoughts About The Regal Assets

What else can be said about Regal Assets? They are the best in the industry and they treat their customers like kings and queens. Their prices are affordable and the high quality of the precious metals is guaranteed. Choose Regal Assets and be assured of a great retirement plan.

How Could You Start Today With The Regal Assets?

So you’re interested in investing in gold, silver, platinum, or palladium, this is the Regal Assets process.

  • The first thing to do is to fill in the account setup form, if you would like to see the form you can find it here.
  • Within the same business day, you will receive all the IRA paperwork required for you to sign via e-mail.
  • The IRA paperwork is completely filled out for you and all you are required to do is sign where it is dated for you. All your IRA paperwork is sent via e-mail and can be signed electronically so there is no need for you to print or fax the signed paperwork. Within 24 hours of electronically signing the IRA paperwork, a new IRA account will be set up for you.
  • Once the new IRA account is set up for you, you will be notified of your new IRA account number via e-mail.
  • Following the IRA account setup, you will be sent transfer request paperwork via e-mail and again this can all be done electronically.
  • Once the signed transfer request is received our IRA department goes to work for you by getting in contact with the current custodian and moving the requested funds into the new IRA account for you.
  • Every step of the transfer process is kept up to date on where Regal Assets is with the process by daily calls or e-mails. they are the only precious metals company that keeps the client up to date on exactly every step of the process through calls and e-mails.
  • Once the funds are available in the new IRA account your dedicated account executive will immediately get in contact and go over your options for precious metals you can purchase.
  • You tell the account executive exactly what you want to purchase and prices are locked up right then and there.
  • After you lock up precious metal prices and fund your precious metal position everything will typically ship to Brinks within 7 business days.
  • Once the precious metals arrive at Brinks you are notified and you can see all your precious metals online and track the progress of your account 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Regal Assets are the only precious metals company that ships retirement accounts within 7 business days of being funded.

If you want a first-class company that specializes in precious metals investing. We did not want to be pressured, we wanted to be well informed and supported. Out of all the companies we researched we found Regal Assets to be most approachable backed up by the fact that they are one of the top-rated businesses with The Better Business Bureau and Trust Link.

Regal Assets are currently the only precious metals firm in the business that holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and an AAA rating with the Business Consumer Alliance, with less than 3 complaints and over 233+ 5 out of 5-star client reviews with TrustLink.

For all cash deals, they have one of the fastest shipping processes and typically get precious metals in the client’s hands within 7 business days of the account funding. If they miss the 7 business day deadline for shipping metals they add a free 1 oz. Silver American Eagle to the client’s order free of charge. For all-cash deals, they have one of the fastest shipping processes and typically get precious metals in the client’s hands within 7 business days of the account funding.

Most competitors in the precious metals business take over 30 days to deliver and as long as 90 days. If they miss the 7 business day deadline for shipping metals they add a free 1 oz. Silver American Eagle to the client’s order free of charge.

When it comes to precious metals retirement accounts they are an industry leader providing the best storage and fee structure and the quickest processing time.

Regal Assets administration fees for the year on all retirement accounts are a flat $100.00. Most of their competitors in the industry have a scaling administration fee schedule which cost the clients more as the account value increases.

When it comes to precious metals retirement accounts they are an industry leader providing the best storage and fee structure and the quickest processing time. All Regal Assets’ administration fees for the year on all retirement accounts are a flat $100.00. Most of their competitors in the industry have a scaling administration fee schedule which costs the clients more as the account value increases.

Regal Assets have the fastest processing times. They are one of the only precious metal firms that do everything electronically, which means that the client does not have to hand-sign documents. They can open a new IRA account within 24 business hours of receiving a signed application form. Regal Assets’ typical competitor takes up to 5 to 7 business days to open a new IRA account.

Regal Assets can’t be beaten financially, they cover all first-year dues for client’s retirement accounts which include the setup fees, administration fees, storage fees, and delivery of metals. This is a savings of over $500.00. They then charge a flat fee of only $250.00 per year for each retirement account no matter what the value of the account.

Regal Assets have many years of experience in the precious metals market. They have an excellent standing with both the BBB and Trustlink. If you take a look at the graphs below you can see clearly how Regal Assets stands out above the rest with only 1 complaint in the last 3 years.

Regal Assets is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service to its clients and they are proud to say they have a 99.9% customer satisfaction rating.