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#1 – Millionaires Overperform Almost All The Time

Everybody wants good things, but they never do what’s necessary. Most of us are used to doing enough to complete the task. That strategy would ultimately fail us by losing control of things.

Many people struggle in competitive areas of life such as business. Because they offer nothing different than their competitors. If you perform average today, you are out of business sooner or later. The world is not a place to reward mediocrity with glorious victories.

I would recommend reading the book “Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires”. This is one of the best books you can hardly come across. The Author of the book is Adam Khoo, a self-made millionaire at the age of 26. He brings so much value on the table for those who are willing to take his advice.

People can be grouped under 3 categories:

  • The group of people who always underperform.
  • The group of people performs no more than they are expected to do.
  • The group of people does the best no matter what.

The last group of people is the real value creators.

Think of Michael Jordan, the best basketball player of all times said at one interview:

“I expect more from myself than anyone would ever expect from me! When my coach expects me to train 3 times a week, I would train 5 times. When my coach expects me to score 15 points for each game, I would score 36 points! That is why I am the best in the world!”

The same applies to create the wealth that everyone dreams of. Whoever can create more value will eventually reach their goal.

Simply bring more value whatever you are doing and money will follow. Do it so good that no one can ignore you.



#2 – Millionaires Make Things Happen

Be Proactive, Don’t Wait For The Things Happen For You

Yes, if you want to be wealthy, a millionaire, you have to be proactive. Proactive people are those who make things occur.


While those who embrace the reactive mindset await things happening. When the economy is down, proactive people won’t sit still, they’ll go looking for opportunities instead of waiting for opportunities to come to them.

To be a millionaire, you must be proactive.

Have you ever attended seminars and want to break the ice by introducing yourself to others? Do you just stand there waiting for individuals to come to you? Or do you go to individuals and introduce yourself to them?

If you’ve been in this situation before, you’ll know.

People can be categorized into 2 groups.

Reactive People

First, are those who adopt a reactive mindset. They wait for individuals to approach them and respond to other people’s behavior. These people have little control in their lives.

reactive mindset

Because when there’s no chance for them, they’ll just wait for opportunities to come, just like waiting for cash to fall from the sky. They are characteristic of individuals who complain about everything around them and hope something will change. When reactive individuals face issues, they’ll just wait until others arrive and fix their issue.

Proactive People

While others are those who adopt a proactive mindset. They’re the ones making things happen. They’ll go and introduce to others. They won’t sit still when there are no chances around, they’ll go out there and seek chance. If needed, they’ll create the opportunity for themselves. These are the individuals proactively adopting the millionaire habit.

Let me give you a real-life example of how the millionaire habit of proactive can make a person rich. This guy’s Richard Branson, you’ve likely heard of him. He’s Virgin Group’s chairman and founder.

Take Consistent Action

Well, just imagine that if you had to take an important early morning flight to New York but because of unforeseen circumstances, the flight was canceled and a hundred other passengers stranded at the airport.

There’s no other day-out flight. What do you think, and how would you feel? Wait for news of the next flight out Lodge a complaint with the authorities

Hang around with other stranded passengers and complain together Most people will consider this kind of situation as a’ problem,’ and they can’t do much about it. You see, if you believe it’s an issue, you’re out of command of the scenario.

This is exactly what occurred to Richard Branson in 1980. He and his wife were stranded when the Puerto Rican flight canceled. There weren’t other flights that day. (Remember, your life’s always a decision.)

Instead of seeing it as an’ issue,’ Branson’s millionaire mindset made him see it as a chance. He took a very distinct set of actions. That’s what he did. He got some aircraft charter companies on the phone and managed to charter a private plane for $2,000. Knowing that there were many stranded passengers, he lent a blackboard and wrote’ Virgin Airways $39 Single Flight to Puerto Rico.’

Within hours walking through the airport terminal, he sold each seat! After successfully flying back and making a cool profit, he mulled over what one happy passenger had casually said, “Virgin Airways isn’t too bad, smart the service a little and you’re going to be in business.”

The remainder is history. Branson’s amazing thing was he didn’t use his cash to fix his’ issue.’ He used his mindset, though, and turned an issue into chance. I think this is a very clear illustration of what precisely is proactive. Yes, everything starts with your mind.

By being proactive, you will somehow place yourself in the place of authority and decision. You are in control, commanding your life. Ultimately, you’ll take action leading to your big achievement. However, if you behave in a reactive mindset, you’ll never find your way to wealth because you’re not in control of your assets, your finances will never be in control.

#3 – They Take %100 Responsibility

This is the third millionaire habit to embrace if you want to be a millionaire. I think you understand a lot about this habit. It’s… Take 100% Responsibility I’m just going to be short about this because I’ve posted a lot of this millionaire habit in the past.

Unfortunately, most individuals choose to embrace the victim’s mindset of excusing, blaming and complaining. Remember, when you give yourself excuses or blame others for your lack of wealth, you put others and external events in your life’s control!

When you’re not in control, you can’t alter your conditions. Instead, millionaires take 100% liability for their wealth. They think that their strategies and actions generate their riches alone. They know that they can change their wealth by changing their strategies and actions.

Only when you live this habit will you have the authority to multiply your revenue and wealth exponentially. I mean, believe about it, if you’re selling travel guides and you’re going to blame the economy for bringing your company down? If so, you’ll be in the mindset of the victim, putting yourself in a powerless situation where you can’t do anything.

Remember how Richard Branson made his fortune by embracing the winner’s mindset? If you don’t, you can read the Millionaire Habit #2. Branson placed himself in the mindset of the winner and transformed what others see as money-making opportunities.

If you really want a millionaire, that’s what you need! If the economy is down and you’re in the travel industry, what can you do to make your business grow? Well, you can use a lot of strategies.

For instance, you can expand your company by going globally, or perhaps you can take it as a chance, stating it’s the biggest time to test your company and reinforce its basis, and when the economy picks up, your company will bloom!

Can you see the distinction between taking 100% accountability and blaming others or removing liability now? If you say it’s your responsibility, you won’t even worry about it, and your mind will shut down any creativity juices it generates.

#4 – They Delay Instant Gratification

That’s a very significant habit for me if you want to be a millionaire. From the book Adam Khoo wrote, Self-Made Millionaires Secrets, he stated that if you want to be a millionaire, you must avoid this habit, instant gratification.

Therefore, what you need is this…

Instant gratification is the practice of always wanting to appreciate now and not waiting for future advantages.

resist instant gratification

Consequently, these individuals who embrace this instant gratification habit will spend much more than they invest.

They get instant gratification by spending on that fresh vehicle, fresh wide-screen TV set, or designer watch.

When it comes to investing in books, seminars, stocks, or insurance products, they’ll think twice about waiting for future benefits. This is exactly why whatever cash comes into their hands will quickly be frittered away, not reduced. (Tips, Learn and Make Use of Piggy Banks) People who want instant gratification will always seek fast and simple methods to make cash instead of constructing a sustainable business that adds value to clients.

They tend to cut corners to add shoddy products to save money and boost short-term profits. So I hope you’ll learn this lesson today, that’s how to delay your gratification.

Simultaneously, those who want instant gratification lack patience to allow their money to grow and compound through investment. In a few weeks, when they don’t see enormous amounts of cash, they leave their investments and never get the advantages. They have no patience waiting for seeds to grow into huge money trees that bear fruit.

Well, basically, you can use your cash in only two ways. You can either spend or invest it somewhere. For instance, if you spend $1,000, you get instant gratification from whatever you buy. Remember, though, that your $1,000 is gone. Same if you spend $100 or even $10. When you spend it, you get zero return.

If you spend $1,000 in a seminar, books, or inventory, it will expand to $1,200, $2,000, maybe even $10,000, depending on your return rate. Individuals with delayed gratification invest more than they spend. Again, they understand they may feel great for an instant by spending a dollar, but their future wealth will be ruined.

So, think twice when you buy something that will make you feel instantly gratified. Instead, use that money and invest in books or seminars that will make you a fortune.

Know this, self-made millionaires never take business shortcuts. They always look to give their clients the greatest value, even if it means earning less now. They know that building their reputation will lead to huge profits in the future.

Real-Life Example of Delayed Gratification I’ll inform you how Adam Khoo learns to delay gratification, making him a millionaire at 26! When Adam was in college and university, most of his colleagues spent partying and having fun. They had instant gratification.

For Adam, instead of partying, he spent all his holidays talking commitments to fine-tune his presentation skills, read investment books, analyze company reports, and write chapters of his books.

He realized that it would be huge to’ sacrifice’ this instant pleasure! Of course, by the moment he graduated from university, he had streams of favorable income from his best-selling books and 2 companies he set up. Adam earned more money than his lecturers while many friends struggled with their first paycheck to get their first job.

Can you see it now? To be a millionaire, you must first learn how to spend your cash instead of spending it. The moment you want to spend something, just think twice, and ask yourself if it’s going to make you money in the future. So many self-made millionaires built their cash.

Do you believe Warren Buffet, the world’s biggest investor, understands this habit? If he doesn’t have this habit, I dare say he won’t be as wealthy as he is today. Learn how to save if you’re a millionaire.

#5 – Millionaires Love What They Do

The most common question people ask about getting rich is, “What’s the best career or business that makes me money?”Will it be education? Food? Insurance? Network marketing? Health care? Trading options? Property? What’s the best sector now?

Well, you’ll discover that in ANY sector there will be a minority making plenty of cash, while the majority will struggle to survive. That’s the teachings you’ll find in Adam Khoo’s Self-Made Millionaires book Secrets. It’s a great book I STRONGLY suggest stealing.

The solution to the above issue is you can become a millionaire in any sector, only if you’re one of the finest! If you’re not the best, you’ll never become rich in any industry.

You can become a millionaire in insurance, property, trading options, education, retail, food or web advertising ONLY when you’re the best!

So how to become your industry’s best? The response is 100%, totally committed to our specific company or career. Know this reality, only because they eat, sleep, breathe, speak and believe their company eighteen hours a day, sometimes they even dream. Your Success Fuel, Commitment.

Therefore, this habit, millionaire habit #5, is… Do What You Love All successful people share one thing. They enjoy what they’re doing. And because they’re so passionate about their particular career or business, they don’t differentiate job from play. Their job is their game, and vice versa. As a consequence, they spend every day and every waking hour working which they enjoy.

That’s the number one reason they’re the best in their sector. That’s why they’re market leaders, experts, and that’s why they can make tons of money in their industry. Every successful millionaire has a passion for what they do.

Some Real-Life Examples For You Tiger Woods is the world’s greatest golfer being obsessed with golf. His intense enthusiasm for the match makes him hit hundreds of balls every day under the warm sun until he gets it right!

It’s his passion that makes him continue competing in tournaments despite having already accumulated $575 million in private wealth. He’s not motivated by cash. It’s always been, match love and competition love.

Similarly, have you ever wondered why Bill Gates, the world’s richest man worth $46bn, still works 18-hour days (I know he’s retired)? Why not sit back and relax on the beach?

The reason is that like all millionaires, what drives him is never really money, it’s love to be at the forefront of technology. His obsession with’ placing a laptop in every home running Microsoft software’ produced him the best in the sector. Read Bill Gates ‘ 11 Principles.

What about other people? Michael Jordan loves basketball, and Steven Spielberg loves making movies. If you read their biographies, none of them got into their sectors because they believed it was profitable. They got in because they enjoyed doing it!

They enjoy it so much they’d do it for free. While they never have to work for cash again, they keep working harder and harder. It’s because it’s never worked first. Unless you do what you enjoy, never be wealthy.

If you find you lack the motivation and discipline to succeed in what you do, the reason is obvious. Not your passion! Think about it. Are you passionate about something? Are you a hobby? Like golfing? Playing with kids? Have you ever noticed that energy never stops flowing by doing what you enjoy? Even if you’re tired, you’ll always find the energy to do what you love.

That’s the secret you’ll get infinite riches! Whenever you do something you love, you’re naturally focused, committed, and energized to work on it. When you give your best to whatever you’re insane about, you’re the best!

So you see, many individuals believed to work so hard in life to get wealthy. They were forced to be motivated. They believe they can finally do what they love and enjoy their lives when they make enough money.

Work Hard — > Make Enough Money — > Do What I Love If you follow the above route, it will ensure you struggle in your lives with pressure and poverty. If you do something solely for cash instead of passion, staying motivated will be very hard. You will burn out and give up earlier than you believe.

Instead, do what you love to do now. Not only will you start enjoying your life and be happy, but you will find the natural energy and motivation that will drive you to do your best and become the best. When this happens, money automatically follows.

Do What I Love— > Make Money— > Do What I Love So How can you say if you’re doing something you love? Don’t worry, just go through the responses to these issues below, you’ll find out what you really love.

“What do I enjoy? What would I do if I wasn’t paid?”If I had the world’s money, how would I spend my time?”Who are the individuals who created their fortunes about my enthusiasm?”

Remember, do what you enjoy, and never work another day in your lives! Whatever sector you’re in, a minority must be the best in it. Look for them, model and learn from them. Adam Khoo’s Self-Made Millionaires Secrets bring you these millionaire habits.

#6 – Millionaires Act With Integrity

Many individuals feel the fabulously wealthy and strong are dishonest and unethical. And who can blame them after hearing tales of how millionaire managers scandalized their shareholders on Wall Street?

Think of Enron, China Aviation Oil, WorldCom, ACCS, REFCO, the list goes on.

There are certainly unethical and unscrupulous rich people around (incidentally, their wealth and company rarely last), but the reality is most self-made millionaires share a prevalent habit of private integrity. Interestingly, in the best-selling book’ The Millionaire Mind,’ author Thomas Stanley surveyed 733 multi-millionaires and asked them what were the main contributing variables to their wealth. Number one was’ being frank with individuals.’


Surprised? This factor was ahead of variables such as’ making wise investments,” working hard’ and’ having a competitive spirit.’ What is integrity, and why is long-term wealth crucial?

I think now you understand what the millionaire habit #6 is… Acting with Integrity These teachings are from Adam Khoo’s book, Self-Made Millionaires Secrets. Adam Khoo is a young, self-made millionaire from Singapore. He’s my favorite teacher.

That’s why I highly suggest anyone severe about constructing huge wealth in their lives should purchase his book, Self-Made Millionaires Secrets. Think about it, by spending only a tiny part of your cash, you’ll learn all about building riches from your mind to constructing a good fortress.

Integrity means being frank with others, adhering to high moral norms. It’s also about doing what you’re going to do. When you behave with integrity, your clients, peers, and employees trust you. They know what you mean, and you won’t let them down. They know you’ll give them the best quality for their money, and they know you won’t cheat them.

Building a reputation requires twenty years, and ruining it for five minutes. If you believe, you’ll do stuff differently. Buffet, the wealthiest person in the globe. In a globe where so many individuals are unethical and dishonest, create your reputation for integrity and an infinite supply of clients, vendors, investors and company associates.

One of Singapore’s multi-millionaire Vikas Goel, eSys Technologies ‘ founder, and CEO arrived in Singapore without a dollar but managed to construct a five-year worldwide billion-dollar business.

Awards year Vikas Goel, Ernst & Young World Entrepreneur. Click to read more.

How did he do that? Where did he get the starting cash? Initially, he worked at a Karma business. Karma’s parent business crashed when the recession struck the early 1990s. Instead of waiting to be retrenched, Goel took the proactive step (Millionaire Habit #2) of a Singapore unit management buyout. He convinced his clients to pay him in advance so he could use the cash to purchase the products from his vendors.

The only reason his clients agreed was that in the past, Goel constructed up his reputation as an honest and trustworthy person while dealing with them. A few months later, Sim Lim Square bumped into his ancient boss.

When he told his ex-employer he was running out of cash to support the company, Goldkist gave him $300,000 just because he knew Goel was a guy who would never run away with his cash.

This is the ability to build confidence and honesty. It wasn’t all. Goel also met an ancient friend and ex-customer Sim Lim Square. When asked for assistance, his ex-customer wired $1 million into his Seagate account to purchase Seagate products.

As you can see, integrity is above all else. So, always behave with integrity, and you’ll have one of the biggest strengths.

#7 – They Embrace The Hardwork Is The Way To Go

Let me ask this question, “Want to be wealthy?”Of course, I’m reading this post!”You might say. Let me ask you, “Are you 100% committed to being wealthy?“.

See, there’s a large distinction between wanting to become a millionaire and being 100% committed to becoming a millionaire. If you just want, wish or hope to accomplish an objective, it rarely happens. Think about it. Everyone wants to be financially safe, but very few do.


That’s the millionaire habit #7 you must embrace!

Be 100% Committed Studies after studies showed that people who achieve phenomenal success and wealth didn’t just want it, they were 100% dedicated to it. When you’re 100% dedicated to an objective, it’s no longer a wish, hope, or want… it’s becoming an absolute MUST. You see, when something becomes an absolute MUST for you, it makes you work from a completely distinct mindset.

When something is MUST, it will become your number one time, and nothing will ever come in its manner until that goal is achieved. If something is MUST, you will do whatever it takes (within integrity boundaries, of course).

Even if it means extending beyond your comfort zone and investing time, power or money, you’ll do whatever it takes. Read Your Success Fuel, Commitment.

I think you’ll always find a way to do whatever it takes to get something. And if you can’t discover a way, create a way. For example, when George Lucas (millionaire at 28 and Star Wars creator) wanted to revolutionize filmmaking by creating the special effects needed for Star Wars space battle scenes, the technology didn’t exist. Everybody told him he couldn’t do what he wished.

Instead of accepting reality’s comfort, his total commitment to realizing his dream was to set up his own company, Industrial Light and Magic to create the special effects needed for his own film.

However, if you have a weak’ wish’ or’ hope’ for riches, you will never achieve it. Why? That’s because it’s never simple to reach any objective and create wealth.

It’s really challenging and hard. I can bet that when you start on your road to financial freedom, there will be enormous barriers and difficulties in your manner. All the problems you may think of will come to test your faith and endurance and stretch out your comfort zone.

You’ll discover that at certain times you’ll lack the cash and energy. You may find people discouraging you, friends leaving you, things not going as planned.

If it’s just a’ wish’ to get rich, chances are you’ll eventually give up and find lots of excuses why it can’t be accomplished. This is because those who merely’ want’ success are never willing to extend beyond their comfort zones and do whatever it takes to overcome their challenges. Moreover, when something is simply a’ want,’ you will discover that a dozen other’ wants’ fill your mind that will take away your time and attention.

After a while, you’ll discover yourself distracted by other things that come your way. Has this occurred before? So, the only way to attain your objectives of becoming wealthy is to create it a MUST for yourself.

The problem is that becoming financially abundant is rarely a must for most individuals. It’s just a wish. Survival, however, is always a must… and that’s why most individuals survive.

So again, to achieve all your financial goals, you must make them yourself a must. How to make something’ must’? The answer is to put yourself online. When you put yourself in a position where you have no option but to succeed, you often do.

If you study millionaire history makers ‘ life stories, many of them went to a stage in their lives where they placed themselves on track and stacked everything they had. And because they had NO CHOICE, they often did it against insurmountable odds. After setting objectives and procrastinating? Read 3 Target Action Keys.

The only reason Star Wars came into being is that George Lucas was committed to making his dream come true. Many individuals feel that Lucas was just a genius lucky enough to dream up this naturally successful film. If you read about Star Wars history, you’d understand it’s going to be a big flop, including the performers, until the day of its release!

Whatever might have gone incorrect during manufacturing went incorrect! After sixteen weeks of filming, everyone had every reason to think it would fail. The film had grossly exceeded the initial budget, had overrun the filming schedule, the special impacts unit couldn’t produce the required effects, and everyone thought it was a kiddy film.

As a consequence, 20th Century Fox studios wished to pull the plug, giving Lucas three days to complete 2 weeks of lost work. What made things worse was that in the center of this, Lucas endured serious chest pain and was awarded for serious stress and exhaustion. Most directors would have given up and cut their losses, knowing they couldn’t accomplish it all in three days.

If Star Wars had been a’ wish,’ it would have failed, then. But to Lucas, it was a must— he’d do everything to make it occur. Lucas hired a triple crew, divided the stage into three sets, simultaneously directed three scenes. Star Wars was produced three days later, the rest is history. Star Wars became North American’s most successful film by the end of its first theatrical run. It grossed a total of $290 million, and the box office cut by George Lucas was over $50 million.

As a teenager, at thirty, Lucas set an objective of becoming a millionaire. He was off by two years; at 28, Lucas produced his million. When the sequels ‘ Empire Strikes Back’ and’ Return of the Jedi’ arrived, Lucas dismissed the cash provided by Fox Studios. He was so dedicated to making the sequels an even greater success than he took what he gained from his first movie and funded Empire Strikes Back for $18 million (Millionaire Habit #4–Delayed Gratification).

Everyone believed he was insane as Hollywood’s number one rule as a filmmaker is never to use your own cash, even if it’s your own film. His faith and dedication paid off. The next 5 Star Wars films produced revenue of over $20 billion, and today, George Lucas has accumulated nearly $3 billion in private wealth.

Well, you don’t have to risk all your cash like George Lucas to be totally committed to your objective. There are other methods to get on the line. You can get on track by creating government obligations. Whenever you set a goal, announce it to everyone because you know there would be no turning back when you do so. You had to do that!

Intriguing article? Feeling motivated, excited now? This article is sponsored by Adam Khoo’s Self-Made Millionaires Secrets. This is a wealth book I strongly recommend to anyone serious about building their wealth. If you’re truly committed to becoming a millionaire, this book is meant for you. Steal Self-Made Millionaires Secrets while you can.

#8 – Millionaires Take Lessons From The Mistakes

Thanks to Adam Khoo, my favorite and wealth teacher. Thanks to his book, Self-Made Millionaires Secrets, you can only read these interesting articles.

So, the millionaire habit #8 is about… Ability To Accept Failure And To Turn It Into Success Most individuals get the feeling that successful individuals never fail and that millionaires never lose cash. As a consequence, many individuals fear failure and shun floppers. It’s an enormous lie and distortion preventing individuals from becoming wealthy.

The reality is at some stage everyone fails. Indeed, millionaires fail more than anyone else because they take so much more action. Multiply your failures and you’ll succeed.

So, mark my words, many times before you succeed. What’s essential to do about failure. This is the critical practice that distinguishes wealthy and poor. Three ways individuals react to failure. The first group of individuals gets so disappointed that they just give up! They’d say, “I tried it but failed.” They see failure as the game’s end, as the final decision not to succeed.

They offer themselves reasons like’ Maybe I’m not good enough,’ or’ It’s too hard.’ Have you ever been guilty before? This way of reacting to failure will see many dreams fade away. The second group doesn’t give up readily. When they reach out, they’d say, “Let me try again.

Don’t give up.’ They get on their feet rapidly and attempt again. If their company fails, begin another company. If they lose cash on the stock market, they’ll go and attempt to purchase distinct stocks. Will they finally succeed? The reply is’ No.’

Why? Because this group may try again, but they don’t alter their approach. They keep making the same errors, repeatedly doing the same. Sure enough, they have the same disappointing outcomes. So what’s after a while? Ultimately, they get so frustrated and tired that they too throw in towel. Some may even start accepting mediocrity and fear of dreaming better.

Success results from excellent judgment. Experience produces a good judgment. Experience results from misjudgment. Anthony Robbins Millionaires approaches and perceives failure differently. When they don’t reach their goals, millionaires don’t see themselves failed. Rather, they see themselves as experiencing learning! To them, failure isn’t the end, but a detour. They see it as feedback not using the correct approach. They take this feedback, learn from the experience, and alter policy!

If the changing approach doesn’t get the outcome, they’ll get more feedback, alter their strategy, and take action again. They keep doing this until they get the outcomes they want! They’ll do whatever Until they succeed. They transform their failures into an achievement! Your Success Fuel, Commitment.

My strategy is to learn from the past, concentrate on the present, and dream ahead. I believe in learning from adversity. The worst moment can often turn to your benefit, my life is studying that! Donald Trump, after turning his $935 million deep into $3.7 billion fortune.

Very rarely do millionaires attain first-going success. Many only attain their economic dreams after numerous teaching and setbacks. However, many agree that if they had not discovered the alternatives to their results for those’ learning experiences.’

Sim Wong Hoo, Creative Technologies ‘ founder, only succeeded in numerous business failures. His first concept was developing and selling Cubic CT, the world’s first multimedia PC.

After spending countless hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars on the product, it turned out to be a dismal failure. Instead of beating up and finding lots of excuses, he saw it as feedback that the market wasn’t prepared for the item. Too costly and complex for its moment.

What’s he done? He returned, changing his strategy. Finally, after more failures, he got the concept of a low-cost sound card called “Sound Blaster.” And that one concept made Creative Technologies a billion-dollar global company. See, all you need is ONE great idea to make your fortune. But hardly ever comes around that ONE great idea. It comes after many poor thoughts.

So you can see now? If you want to be a millionaire, you must practice this habit, the ability to accept failure and make it a success. If you’re going to ask me which wealth books I’ll recommend, I’ll say you MUST BE Adam Khoo’s Self-Made Millionaires Secrets without much thinking.

#9 – Millionaires Respect And Love Money

love respect money

The ultimate and one of the most important wealth habits is to… Respect and Love Money, I don’t mean loving money to the extent that you’re a slave to it, but loving money for the good it can do for you and your people. Most individuals I share this often react by stating, “Well, I love cash! Naturally, I respect money. “Who doesn’t? If I didn’t love money for what to do, I wouldn’t read this article.

Well, many individuals deliberately want to be wealthy and understand cash is essential. At a deeper level, however, they may not understand that their subconscious mind either holds many limiting views about money or associates many adverse emotions towards money.

These adverse associates cause them to repel cash, preventing them from becoming wealthy without realizing it. All Starts From Your Mind.

Do you feel that, although you deliberately want to be wealthy, something holds you back? You’ve worked hard to accomplish your objectives. However, the moment you begin to get outcomes and see your wealth rise, you tend to sabotage it? Like when your bank account reaches a certain quantity, you begin to lose your motivation until the cash dips below a certain point, then you begin working hard again?

It’s like your subconscious mind prevents you from going beyond some wealth stage. I understand of some buddies who say they’re going to invest or lose it when they get some cash. If you experience the same phenomenon, it’s because your mind doesn’t want you to be wealthy. Again, either because you have a lot of adverse money-related associations or many limiting convictions hold you back.

As many of us grow up, we may unknowingly pick up many limited views and painful connections from our family members, friends, educators, and families. Many individuals are taught that if they believe about cash or want cash, then they’re “money faced” or “money-minded.”

As a consequence, their subconscious begins associating ideas and desire for cash as good or evil. Have you been trained to think this? Because many individuals from working-class households see their parents working so hard for cash, they subconsciously think hard work is the only way to create cash. Their faith makes them fail to understand that large cash is from thoughts, not just hard work. Your beliefs determine success.

When they see $10 being offered for $2 they think it must be some sort of trick or cheating. What they don’t know is everyday possibilities like this! Warren Buffett produced his billions by purchasing half of what they really valued. He purchased $10 for $2. Entrepreneurs create cash by purchasing something much cheaper than it’s worth, re-packing and selling it ten times the cost!

If you’re from a poor or middle-class family, there’s a good chance you’ve been taught that’ money isn’t all,” cash doesn’t grow on trees,” rich individuals are greedy,” money isn’t essential,” if you have a bunch of money, people will cheat you,” investing is dangerous,” money will alter you.’ As a consequence, your subconscious mind associates so much fear, hate, and adverse emotions with cash that it will prevent you from becoming wealthy.

You may feel this inner power struggle within you so that although you set your goals to become rich, you sabotage your own success whenever you attain a certain level of wealth.

Your inner mind won’t make you wealthy as it would bring you more’ issues’ or make you a’ poor person.’ You must know, however, that your friends, relatives, or educators may have taught you all these stuff because they likely believed they were passing on good advice.

Probably their parents and educators also trained them, and that’s why they never got wealthy. Very often, they also choose to think of all these adverse money stuff because it helps them justify their own absence of cash. When someone says, “Well… money isn’t that important anyway,” they just console themselves. When someone says, “I love my family and that’s why I don’t have time to make cash,” they’re just justifying themselves.

So, stopping for a while is really crucial for you, and really reflecting on your internal emotions towards cash. I understand you deliberately respect and love cash for what it can do, but I want you to set aside your prejudices and think about the subconscious convictions and emotions you associate with cash.

Only by taking fresh, empowering views into your subconscious mind can you become a cash magnet and attract loads of cash to your bank account.

You’ve got it, the last millionaire habit to exercise. Thanks to my favorite wealth teacher, Adam Khoo. You should understand wealth comes inside, not outside. First, you’ll need the million-dollar mindset before you can attract and make a lot of cash. Therefore, I highly suggest stealing Adam’s Self-Made Millionaires Secrets, it’s the book that can alter your life forever.