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Florida gold investment

Gainesville Coins was started on July 2006 and specializes in buying and selling gold and silver bullion coins, and special items like coins and stamps. Gainesville Coins located in Florida and is not only accredited by the BBB but has an A+ score to boot.

Each and every trader who is considering doing business with this company would do well to learn more about it.

The return potential on any financial investment is contingent on a number of elements, and selecting the most appropriate business to trade with is truly one of the most crucial aspects of the decision.

Following is a Gainsville Coins Review which will give anyone a good idea of the company’s pros and cons.

The Perks

Gainesville Coins is a comparatively small business that specializes in offering precious metal coins and bars at a really low cost.

Those who seek to invest in precious metals and resell it right away for a profit will quickly realize that trading with this company can be a wise idea, especially if the investor is working with the organization face to face as opposed to purchasing gold or silver over the internet.

Gainesville Coins also offers reasonably priced storage space with an extremely high level of security. The investors’ bullion coins and bars are stored in a segregated fashion as opposed to being mixed with others’ assets.



Moreover, the storage complex is 100 % insured and can additionally be utilized for certain types of self-directed IRA accounts.

Gainesville Coins also provides account reports over the net and will purchase back gold and silver assets in a swift, professional way. Notwithstanding its relatively small size, the business has much to provide you with both in the shape of services and gold and silver investment alternatives.

The Drawbacks

While Gainesville Coins boasts an outstanding BBB score, it is also crucial that you be aware that there have been 45 complaints against the company in the last few years. Most of these are pertaining to product delivery, quality of product provided, and also customer service.

TrustLink, a widely known review website, does not have any specifics of Gainesville Coins. However, all but one Yelp reviewer have given the business a one-star record. Traders who are displeased with the organization note that Gainesville Coins offers substandard support services.

The company does not seem to feature an effective tool for authenticating the identity of web-based clients; it has failed to provide satisfactory shipping and delivery occasionally and has even threatened traders with legal action over situations that were at least partly the company’s problem.

It should also be noted that, as the old saying says, “You get what you pay for.” While several other businesses provide solely brand-new, first-rate bars, bullion coins and/or collectible coins, this simply cannot be said of Gainesville Coins.

The business acquires as well as resells bars and coins which are in less than excellent overall condition; even though the weight might be the exact same, it is important to be aware that bars and coins that have clearly not been looked after adequately can be very hard to market afterward.

A few other traders have been put off by Gainesville Coins’ unprofessional dynamics. The company does business out of a small shop in a plaza and does not strike one as being a reputable investment partner, particularly in view of the fact that many individuals invest tens of thousands of dollars of gold and/or silver in a single business exchange.

Despite the fact that the vault is said to have a very high degree of protection, customers are not permitted to visit, which makes it unfeasible to establish that Gainesville does provide the top quality storage facility that it claims to maintain.

Additionally, as was observed above, the company is a comparatively new player. It has not been on the market for long, and as a result, there is certainly a high risk that it might not remain in business long-term. Gold investment is gaining in popularity; there is plenty of competitiveness in this area and many fledgling companies just do not make it past the first or second decade of operation.

A Gainsville Coins Assessment Wrap-Up

Individuals who are interested in investing a somewhat small amount of funds in precious metals may discover that buying precious metal coins or bars from Gainesville Coins is possibly not a bad opportunity.

The company can provide lower prices when compared to most, if not all, of its competitors and individuals who deal with the company face to face report no sales transactions problems. What is more, the business gives you budget-friendly but really protected storage areas, enabling the trader to store his or her investments safely while not having to pay for an expensive home safe.

However, doing business with Gainsville over the internet is fraught with hazards. While the enterprise has an attractive, very professional site, those who have employed this site to invest in precious metals state that the business operation is flawed on several levels.

It is hard to get a live customer service representative on the line to address these difficulties; furthermore, the company’s employees can often be either rude or unprepared to clear up the problem.

On top of that, it seems that Gainesville Coins sends purchases via USPS, which is not the most secure shipping option. Furthermore, more than one traders observed that the shipped package failed to arrive and it was not easy to get a full reimbursement.