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The Tax You May Like to Pay on Your 401k Withdrawal

Nobody likes taxes unless they are the lesser of two evils. So when you have an opportunity to snag a lower tax rate, take it. Here’s such an opportunity for some 401k accounts. IRS Notice 98-24 Details Net Unrealized Appreciation Rules in Employer Securities. Many workers own stock in their employer’s publicly-traded company (For example,… Read More »

Common 401k Planning Mistakes and Tips to Avoid Them

401k planning is a DIY (do-it-yourself) project. The IRS does their part to make it a challenging project by inserting plenty of complex rules, deadlines, and tax consequences that can trip up even the most experienced 401k planners. Here’s a quick guide to the most common 401k planning mistakes and some 401k tips and tools… Read More »

Can I Use My 401k to Buy a House?

One of the 401k questions that are frequently Googled is: Can I use my 401k to buy a house? The short answer to this question is yes. There are two main ways you can access your 401k assets to make a downpayment on a home: 1) 401k loans and, 2) 401k hardship withdrawals. However, a… Read More »

Can I Contribute to Both a 401k and an IRA?

Unfortunately, there is not a simple, direct answer to this frequently asked 401k question. Many people seek to maximize retirement savings by maintaining and contributing to multiple types of retirement accounts (including 401k’s and IRA’s). As a starting point it is important to have basic knowledge of the different types of IRA accounts and the… Read More »

Your Retirement 401(K) & IRA

What Is The 401(K) Scheme? When you research information online to learn how to fund your retirement plans, you are likely to find a lot of confusing and contradictory information about the term 401(k). Although at first glance the name may sound like a term straight out of a futuristic movie on artificial intelligence, it… Read More »

Are You Really Ready For Retirement?

Have You Planned Your Retirement Well? The days are pas when people worked all their lives only to retire into a stagnant lifestyle, which they lived out until they reached the final destination for all people – death. Nowadays, retired people are acting like never before. Sadly, their activities to require money, and unless your… Read More »

Your All-In-One Retirement Guide

Considering Financial Retirement Options As you begin to plan your financial retirement, you will discover that for a smart investor, several options are available. Investment opportunities are not a serious problem, as much as the information and education about them required for achieving any success from them. Because of this reason, it is advisable that… Read More »

What Do You Need To Learn About Gold 401k Rollover?

Investing in precious metals is among the top options available for traders in view of the boom in gold and gold bullion. At the same time, it might be confusing because there are so many companies that are offering the choice to rollover your 401k into IRA. If you choose this option it allows you… Read More »

Line The Pockets Of Your Future With A Gold IRA

Seeing as the promise of social security wavers and teeters on the brink of extinction, many people find reassurance in establishing an IRA. There are many types of IRA’s thereby making it an easy task to invest in your future with more confidence. One IRA that is drawing a lot of attention today is the… Read More »

How To Find A Legit Gold IRA Company?

Crucial Points to Know Before Investing with a Gold IRA Dealer Looking for a Gold IRA Firm you can trust? With so many companies now offering a Precious Metal IRA it is hard to know who you can trust. Here we have researched many of the top Gold Ira Companies and have decided to share… Read More »