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9 Powerful Habits Of Self-Made Millionaires

#1 – Millionaires Overperform Almost All The Time Everybody wants good things, but they never do what’s necessary. Most of us are used to doing enough to complete the task. That strategy would ultimately fail us by losing control of things. Many people struggle in competitive areas of life such as business. Because they offer… Read More »

The Best Gold Investment Company in the US: Regal Assets

Why Should We Choose Regal Assets? Friendly and Knowledgeable Account Managers No Overwhelming Sales Pressure Amazing Reputation in the Industry Very Low Number of Complaints Great Personal Experience in Dealing with Regal Assets When it comes to the “gold standard” of gold investment companies, Regal Assets ranks among the best in the US. The combination… Read More »

Gold IRA Rollover Starter Guide

Your Gold IRA Rollover Guide Interesting Facts about Gold We all know that gold is considered one of the most precious metals on Earth, but some less known facts about gold include: choosing gold ira companies People have discovered gold on every continent on earth including Antarctica! The Earth pours more steel per hour than… Read More »

How To Tell If A Financial Advisor Is Good?

Does your advisor look puzzled if you ask him the difference between a “capital gains tax” and an ordinary “income tax“? What if you just want to pay him an hourly fee, like you do for your attorney, and implement his advice on your own? Can you do that? Finally, during your initial meeting, does… Read More »

Hedge Fund Lawsuits

One of the primary obstacles for the average person who may be interested in hedge funds is the amount of money it takes to become involved. A minimum investment of one million dollars is not uncommon. Since hedge funds have become so popular, it is now possible to buy into certain funds with a minimum… Read More »

Arbitrage by Hedge Fund Managers

Arbitrage is the practice of taking advantage of imbalances among markets. One who engages in this practice is called an arbitrageur. It is a nearly risk-free investment strategy, usually with relatively modest returns. A successful arbitrageur must possess a great deal of savvy. If many people know about the imbalance and attempt to exploit it,… Read More »

Short Selling by Hedge Fund Managers

Short selling, or shorting, means selling what you do not own. When it is believed that a stock will shortly go down in value, perhaps because it is overpriced or perhaps because of a one-time event that will have a predictable effect on its market value (such as a merger,) an investor may borrow shares… Read More »

Why Most Hedge Funds Perform Poor?

Traditionally, the average return on hedge funds outperformed those of mutual funds in a bear market but could be counted on to do so when the market is doing well. That was with the “old” definition of hedge funds that actually hedged. In the modern definition, any fund can be called a hedge fund, so… Read More »

How To Invest $1 Million?

One million dollars is good amount of money to invest in different ways. I am going to mention today how I would invest it wisely for the best potential ROI (Return On Investment) without taking crazy risks. Our goal is making more money by leveraging our initial investment. We cannot grow it simply keeping it… Read More »

Kitco Gold Review

For many interested investors, it can be difficult to identify which precious metal investment company would be the best for them, especially with the long run in mind. When selecting prospective businesses to deal with, many things can factor into top quality and dependable investment. Kitco is a business investor may consider dealing with. The… Read More »